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Developing the next generation of targeted therapies for oncology.

Aspyrian Therapeutics is a new start-up located in San Diego (California, USA) that focuses on developing novel targeted therapies for cancer treatments. You can learn more about our programs and technology at the dedicated pages. For additional information please contact us.


Aspyrian Therapeutics and its collaborators are developing novel cancer targeted therapies based on proprietary technologies that achieve highly specific and tumor restricted anticancer activity. Tumor specific action serves to avoid damage to healthy organs for enhanced anticancer activity and increased safety profile.


Aspyrian Therapeutics has secured the exclusive license from the National Cancer Institute for a new Antibody Conjugate Technology: Near-infrared Photoimmunotherapy (PIT).

PIT permits highly efficient and selective ablation of tumor cells while sparing damage to critical structures adjacent to the tumor. In addition, tumor localized activation of photoimmunotherapy with near-infrared light overcomes dose-limiting adverse effects that have hindered the development of other types of ADC systems.